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Posting Vacancies on-line websites or Job Boards or Job Advertising Portals really does make sense as the whole world is glued to their tech these days. Walking around with a CV looking for work and knocking on doors is so “80’s”.

The speed and reach of the Internet Job Board or Web Job Advertiser is immense, especially if you can reach all around the Globe at the click of a button. If you advertise One job with One Job Title the chances of that being found by anyone is almost nil. If you cover a wider net, different job Titles, different text, Unique content (Google love that) you can make a much bigger splash in the vast pool of Advertising on-line. As they say ,”up your odds”. Find a Job Board with multiple credits for advertising at a low cost. It’s totally worth the effort.

If you need help with different or generic Job Titles let us know here at www.strike-jobs.co.uk   strike-jobs.co.uk

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The face behind the Recruiter

The true face behind the Recruiter

Many Recruiters have a “super” Linkedin Profile with references galore, lots of shinny photos with various posses and some a little suggestive (if that’s the right word) but really can they deliver.  The main reason why a Recruiter is successful is simple. Tenacity, common sense a flexible approach and above all honesty.

The trust will out eventually so hiding behind a pumpkin face just won’t cut it in today’s market. The buzz words : Truth, Personable, Easy going, and give ALL of the information to both Client and Candidate.

Suzie Tobias. Strike-jobs.co.uk www.strike-jobs.co.uk

The answer if NO – What was the Question

The Answer is NO

The Answer is NO –   What was the Question?

In truth the general public have a weary and somewhat negative approach to anything new. “It must be a scam”, “What’s the catch”, “Where does my data go”,  “if I pay less now you’ll charge me more later ”.

What a cynical and untrusting relationship we now have with changes, opportunities and new ventures. What have we become as a Society?

With the birth of the Internet long away now it has only served to increase our trust in our fellow man.

There are Scams and fraudsters at every turn.

How can this attitude every change? Or how will we be able to trust our fellow man again.

Greed, criminality and smart 15 year olds sitting in their bedrooms have served to change our total outlook on our everyday lives and nothing seems to be able to combat the people that are hell bent on ruining our lives.

“You’re recent accident” – Click

“You can claim PPI” – Click

“Press 4, Press 3, Press 2 – and you’re back to Press 4 again.Urgh.

A daily mind field of how to avoid further disturbances of our lives.

New ventures, or small set ups would succeed so much more if they could prove how they are a legitimate business with ethics and morals.


Sadly this time has not come yet and may take decades to change.

Journalist: S.Tobias MD                                                             www.strike-jobs.co.uk

Dated: 28.10.2015                                                                      Find your new job today.Yes No Maybe

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