Do you really want a career in Recruitment ?

Do you really want to be a Recruitment Consultant in 2016?

“More Technical Wiz and online knowhow than Sales ability and confidence ! “

The Ups and the Downs”


The world of Recruitment hasn’t just changed in the last decade it’s a whole different game.

The days of the on-site agency interview and advertising in the press are pretty much dead.

Recruiting has moved so far into the digital arena that the personal contact is almost completely lost. Of course at the higher end of the market things are still following the traditional lines and trusting the Recruiter is key but for the mass market things have sadly lost the cuddly approach.

So what impact does this have on the Recruitment Consultant? Most Agencies have great relationships with their Clients and this obviously creates a good working and profitable result but it’s not a one way road.

Dealing with the Client can be challenging enough but when you throw in another side to the coin it’s what’s I called a “two way sell”.

Take this example: Selling a house or a pen. Simple, you sell the pen and the pen doesn’t say “NO I don’t want to live with him”.  With Recruitment there are two factors to take into consideration, the Client and the Candidate. If we have now lost the personal touch what happens to the Candidates feelings.

Many Candidates feel cheated, neglected and frankly discarded by the rise of the Digital world and lack of face to face contact with the very same people that hold their careers and livelihoods in their hands. The functionality of the Recruiting process has become so automated, systematic and spreadsheet based, that key words are almost more important than the individuals we are searching for.

Is there a way to be more personable and still work with what technology has to offer?

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