Out of the Box Interview Questions….

The most Out-of-the-Box Interview Questions

 We’ve talked about interview preparation, but how about those questions and tasks that you could never have predicted? Here are some of the Weirdest Interview Questions we’ve found interviewers asking candidates, and what their motivations/ underlying meanings were:

 What was the last gift you gave someone? (Data Analyst Interview)

What kind of gifts you give your friends and loved ones can say a lot about the kind of person you are. What did you invest in it: money or thought/ time? Who was it for: friends or family? Was it a joke or something sentimental? As long as you’re appropriate and thoughtful with your answer you can easily sculpt an image of who you are and your priorities with this one.

 How lucky are you and why? (Asked at Airbnb)

“I don’t believe in luck-I believe in effort!” Are you an optimist or a realist? Do you actually believe that we ‘make our own luck’ and there’s no substitute for hard work? Don’t worry if you need to take your time to answer these kinds of questions: they’re designed to make you think and require creative and unique answers- just make sure you’re not sat there in silent contemplation for too long!

 If you were on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be?

Are you very materialistic or do you value people more than things? Would you be tempted to include a laptop to imply that you’re a workaholic or would you rather use this as an chance to demonstrate your outside interests? Be honest and imaginative: top points for making the interviewer laugh (but as always keep it appropriate!)

“What is your least favorite thing about humanity?” Asked at ZocDoc

Obviously a very loaded question and probably one designed to catch the pessimists. As with all polite conversation it’s usually a bad idea to bring politics or religion into the mix, that said it might be best to act like a politician with your answer to this one especially if your mind wanders to darker place: try to suggest sensible problems that could be solved: this could be a good time to demonstrate what humanitarian causes that you actively support (think about any volunteering/ charity work you’ve been involved with)

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The UK General Elections : What the Parties say about Employment

Thursday 7 May 2015 is polling day and regardless of your political affiliation, employment policy is an important factor in helping us decide who to  vote for in the coming UK general elections so Strike-Jobs.co.uk has accrued information about individual policies from some of the most popularly featured parties in the UK to help you out!

With a name like theirs it’s no surprise that The Labour party has the most extensive outline of their planned employment policies for the UK. The labour party claims that they will guarantee employment for any adult who has been unemployed for over two years. Further more the people aged 18-24 will be guaranteed either a job if unemployed for over a year, or at least work experience or a training place if unemployed for  more than six months. Also by 2025 Labour plans to ensure that the number of students going into university will be matched by the number of people taking up an apprenticeship. Labour plan to ban the zero hour contract to ensure that workers are fairly paid and to create one million new ‘green’ and ‘high technology’ jobs.

     The Conservatives are most concerned with benefit fraud and as such plan to make cuts to benefit funding and, with the money saved, plan to create ‘three million apprenticeships’, making people work for their money. On the other side of the spectrum are The Liberal Democrats who have pledged to add an extra £1 per hour for the lowest paid apprenticeships and also to create one million more jobs in general in the UK.

     The Scottish National Party, with power to change public sector policies is focusing on securing a living wage for all Scottish government contracts. Also concerned with positive discrimination, SNP wants to introduce gender quotas on public boards, they also plan to continue with the ‘small business bonus.

With their heavy focus on the negatives of immigration UKIP plans to make it legal for employers to discriminate against non-British workers and able to give priority to British workers regardless of merit.

Finally The Green Party claims that their national energy conservation scheme will help create thousands of new “sustainable jobs” and promote the local production of food and goods.

Is the person behind your Social Media really the Social Stig-ma ?

The Stig

Hiding behind Social Media is an easy way for Companies to create PR and hype and mass audience attraction without

showing it’s real face. Your Social Media person can change whenever the Company feels like it! Does this mean it loses

continuity, loses it’s personal touch or just gives the new person an opportunity to be more successful than the one before by

being more controversial or more sensationalist? Gaining more likes whilst gaining credibility. Everyone talks about “Social Media”, “Engaging”, being in the with the “In-crowd”, Tweeting, Blogging, Poking. What does it really mean, does it mean engaging or annoying? Exposure is always good but overloading the senses creates frustration and a mass of irrelevancy that seems to circle endlessly around the internet. Trends are moving towards the visual every day, Instagram for instance is rapidly growing in all genres.

Look and see how many people put pictures of last night’s meal on the plate in a restaurant or the latest fancy Candle, trust me thousands.

Why have we become such a visual world when we used to be so literate? Could it be that we have become lazy or is it a matter of instant gratification? Probably a matter of both. The written word is becoming more lost in translation than a good source of learning. Even Grammar seems to be defunct.

To end I will of course not harp on as we have only added one photo to add to your Pinterest account but please think on when adding content, if may be more turn off than turn on.

Suzie Tobias. MD www.strike-jobs.co.uk Published 5.3.2015 WordPress

Trying Something New, Like It Or Not You Are Still Gaining by Jade Davis


As a woman, I know only too well the scenario of taking new clothes home, trying them on only to return them a mere 24 hours later.

In modern-day society this theory has also become applicable to the way we use online products and services. Perhaps the format doesn’t fit well on our screen, or the shape of the design and the colours don’t suit us.

We have become a ‘try before you buy’ focused realm in which people want to know that they are getting the best service and value for their requirements.

We want products that will make us look good, and ultimately help us to achieve the goals that we as a collective or as individuals subconsciously desire.
New companies and products are being born every second, if they are relevant to us why do we not try them all and see what we like best? Why do we hesitate at changing service provider or choose not to explore less heard of options when our contracts come up for renewal?

I once sat at a bar, talking to a man who ran an online gaming company. He taught me the fundamental reason why games work. It was so simple, and yet incredibly powerful – ’People want to make their own decisions’.

In our daily lives, we are limited as to the decisions that are actually ours.
At work our boss is the end decision maker (no matter how many decisions came before theirs)
At home our parents are the decision makers (this is why children engage in games so well)
Our partners ALWAYS have something to say about the decisions we make on our own, and many will have an opinion that ultimately makes us rethink the decision we made.

In Life we are all governed by a political system that gives us less and less decisions of our own every day.

We are so out of control of ourselves, at any given point we will latch on to the offer of decision-making.

All companies nowadays throw out the idea of ‘free trial’ ‘money back guarantee’s’ and ‘return policy’ overloads that make you question whether what they have is really as good as it seems. In reality they just hope that you end up buying or using their product or service eventually.

And what if you don’t like what you try?

Some people may say that they have invested time or potentially a small amount of money to be able to try something new. Whilst this can seem frustrating, please know that this is not all a loss.

The ability to decision make comes in forms of positive and negative. Whether you liked the concept or not the decision was still yours. Just like in gaming, if you take the wrong route or make a wrong pass, you may not advance to the next level… but you did get to make a choice, and for us mere mortals this still creates empowerment.

The satisfaction lies within us all.

Research surrounding gaming has led to many studies suggesting that Online Games can even have the ability to increase a person’s decision making speed.

I am not suggesting you sack it all in and play GTA to make you feel satisfied. But simply remind yourself that trying something new is NEVER a bad thing.